About Us

Jireh Technologies Provides Excellence in Quality and Performance in the field of Analytical Instrumentation. Our purpose is to provide Manufacturing Companies with the utmost service with Manufacturing Assistance. Jireh Technologies, with 20+ years combined experience in the Analytical Instrumentation Technology, will provide the best services in the industry.

We utilize principles of LEAN manufacturing, single piece flow, and Kanban systems to develop flexible assembly cells with dedicated manufacturing teams to provide repeatable, cost-effective assembly, delivering quality, reliability and lower total cost.

All quality and testing processes are adapted to meet industry quality standards or customer-specific requirements. We employ the associated disciplines for new product or component testing parameters, and often base results on statistical sampling techniques.


Why Jireh Technologies?

Jireh Technologies develops a personal relationship with each client working together as one seamless unit.  We would like to be considered as a subsidiary  to our clients business if you will. We take pride of our integrity.

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Jireh Tech Repair Services

Researchers, think you have no alternative to Factory Repairs? Think again!

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Jireh at Studio Park

STUDIO PARK is where design meets function. This former mill building has been upgraded to create the very best modern, dynamic workspaces. With units ranging from 500 to 100,000 sq ft, Studio Park is perfect for warehouse, flex space, showroom, office, workshop, artist studio, distribution … anything! It’s a true “people building”!

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